Author Topic: [Help] Struggling to accurately setup my Precisio CS50  (Read 153 times)

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Hi all,

after several attempts I'm just jumping to the conclusion that the Precisio CS50 may not be accurate enough for the purpose I got it few years ago.

But before giving up entirely and looking for something else, I thought it was a good idea to ask here if anyone had a similar experience and eventually how they solved these issues.

Overall, I think the CS50 is a really good machine, but when it comes to fine woodworking and cabinetry I can't seem to make it work as I would. My biggest issue has always been squaring the sliding table: no matter what, every time I try to get a square cross cut, I just fail.

I tried to re-calibrate the angle stop several times, (using a Woodpeckers square to check the squareness) using either the blade or the fence as reference but the best result I got so far is 0.1mm off over 30cm length of cut. Needless to say this is unacceptable and barely unusable for any kind of application in cabinet making.

So far I'm achieving way better results with the TS55 combined with the rail square and TSO parallel guides (love this setup).

Did anyone experience the same inaccuracy using the sliding table? How did you eventually fix it? Can I even hope to make the Precisio accurate as a cabinet saw or am I better to look at something else?


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