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Title: Review of Festool: PS-300EQ Jig saw (561097)
Post by: VictorL on February 17, 2011, 09:36 PM
I would like to review one of the best jig saw on the market PS-300EQ.
Festool USA currently offer two flavors of jig saws PS-300EQ and PSB-300EQ. Both saws share the same platform, but do have different bodies. PS-300EQ has barrel grip, PSB-300EQ has D-handle grip. I can’t tell you which on is better. Both designs have its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is not uncommon to own both saws.  

Standard scope of delivery includes:

PS-300EQ (or PSB-300EQ) saw
Two multipurpose wood saw blades
Chip guard
Splinter guard
Plug-it cord
As a vast majority Festool tools it shipped in the systainer 1


Here are some specs:
Power consumption 720 watts
Stroke rate  (1”) 1,000 – 2,900 spm
Pendulum stroke adjustment 4 stages
Bevel adjustment 0 – 45 degrees
Cutting depth in wood 120 mm (4 ¾”)
Cutting depth in non-ferrous metals 20 mm (3/4”)
Cutting depth in soft steel 10 mm (3/8”)
Weight 2.3 Kg (5.06 lbs)

From first the glance it is normal for regular saw. But this saw is unique.
First, it is smaller and more powerful than competitor’s saws.
Second, it has triple point saw blade support that was introduced 27 years ago, long before other competitors, Festool jig saws have the smallest deflection along other jig saws.
Third, it has excellent dust control system
Fourth, easy replaceable splinter guards, that help significantly reduce tear off material
Fifth, it last longer
Sixth, but not the last, Festools jig saws are part of Festool SYSTEM, with lot of helpful accessories.

Festool saws use T-shank saw blades. It’s compatible with Bosch, Hilti, Metabo and many other blades, but Festool blades are competitively priced and thicker. Festool produces a couple dozen different saw blades with length from 75mm (3”) up to 155mm (6”)

Power switch conveniently located on the left side of the saw. Fast fix connector and electronic speed control located on the back of the saw. Dust chute can be easily removed and replaced.


This saw has 4 pendulum setting from zero to three. On “three” it is very aggressive, but for curved cuts better to switch it to zero.  Bevel cuts are possible, but built in scale is not very precise.

A couple words about accessories. Festool offers a lot of accessories. Very important accessory is splinter guard that works as zero clearance insert. Unlike Bosch’s splinter guard Festool’s splinter guard can be bought anywhere in quantities 5 or 20. Bosch’s splinter guard as accessory is collectible part, and really hard to find.


Jig saw can be easily attached to the Festool’s rail with guide stop 490031. That’s really inexpensive “must have” part. I found it extremely helpful when cut nail contaminated salvaged boards.


Another good accessory is parallel guide 490119. It can be used with materials  up to 200 mm wide. It is really helpful where use of  guide rail is impractical, or in many other cases.


The most important accessory for Jig saw is Festool blades. They are really good. With Festool blades I cut 4” wood without any deflection.

A couple word about dust collection and visibility. With chip guard installed visibility is obscured. Some people just cut part of chip guard. But using this saw upside down improves visibility and dust collection. It will take some time to learn how to hold and control saw, but in many cases it worth to try.


The current price is $310

Excellent saw with lot of possibilities.