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Review of Festool: OF-1010 (574266)
« on: February 02, 2011, 11:11 AM »
I would like to review OF-1010 router. It might be second best selling router in the USA, but this is my favorite router. It’s compact and versatile universal router, that suitable for wide arrangement of tasks.


Some specs:
-   Power consumption 1010 watts
-   Drive shaft speed   10,000 – 23,000 rpm
-   Quick depth adjustment range 55 mm (2-1/8”)
-   Weight 2.7 kg (5.94 lbs)

The standard scope of delivery includes:

-   OF-1010 EQ router
-   Systainer 3
-   Two collets ¼” and 8mm
-   Chip catcher
-   Standard U.S. guide bushing adapter
-   Plug it power cord
-   Guide stop with support foot
-   User’s manual


This router’s predecessor OF-900 was the first router in the world with “unusual” Festool plunge router appearance.  Design of OF-900 router was very successful and Festool made slightly modified, and more powerful version OF-1000, and then, most current OF-1010 version.  OF-1010 can work with all accessories designed for OF-900 and OF-1000.
The first impression for Festool plunge routers such as OF-1010 and OF-1400 was: “What is THAT?”. But after using it for few moments I realized that it is more convenient and ergonomic than any other plunge router.

What I like in OF-1010. First it is lighter and smaller than OF-1400. It might be not an issue with most applications but weight and size is very important when making dovetail cuts with VS-600 system. Edge trimming with OF-1010 and edging plate is more convenient too.

Power switch located very conveniently on the rear handle. It’s extremely handy to start router and make a plunge. Second auxiliary handle is a plunge knob at the same time, so both hands are on the router at the same time. Plunge action is smooth.
Electronically controlled, step less dial located close to handle and can be easily adjusted during work.


27 dust collector port built in the base. Dust collection is good especially with chip catcher.


OF-1010 has depth turret with three adjustable position depth and fine adjuster.


Why Festool routers stand up from their competitors? The short answer is: “because it’s a system”. The full answer is: “because this is a system. All Festool tools were made with paying close attention to details. And, of course, accessories. A lot of accessories”
You can find many things for many occasions.

What does OF-1010 have in its arsenal of gadgets?
Every Festool router has an edge guide.  Every Festool’s edge guide has chip deflector or dust port that significantly improves dust collection. The guide stop that allows use router with Festool rail.  


Most brilliant gadget is edging plate with angle arm. This setup allows to use OF-1010 router as edge trimming router. OF-1010 has special chip deflector (486242) that notably improves dust collection.
Fine adjustment that can be used with guide stop or edging plate. This is “must have” accessory.


There is one more accessory that must be especially noted. This is dust extraction hood (484453). In the Festool’s catalog it positioned as dust hood for VS-600 only, but I found that this hood work well with many edge forming bits.


Down side is that this router doesn’t have half inch collets, but OF-1010 was never designed for bigger bits.

Conclusion: You’ll never regret that you own this router.

Best wishes

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Re: Review of Festool: OF-1010 (574266)
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2011, 12:17 PM »
Good to know about the must have acceseries. I will be getting this router very soon and would like to get full use of all its options. Thanks for the rieview.
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