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Review of Festool ETS 150/3 (571 726)
« on: February 18, 2011, 02:35 AM »
I mentioned that the TS 55 was my gateway Festool getting me hooked on the green. If I was not committed to green prior to the TS 55 the ETS 150/3 pushed me over the edge. I did not need a 30 day guarantee for this sander. Less than three minutes and I knew that I was in love.


Prior to the ETS 150/3, I despised sanding. If I was working with wood that was good enough I would hand plane it if possible to avoid sanding. When I was working with wood or sheet goods that required sanding it quite often involved a lot of procrastinating.

-In case the introduction did not make it clear I think this sander is fun to use. Sanding, which I considered a chore, is now something I can enjoy. I cannot put it down to one product feature other than to say this thing has the WOW factor.

-The ETS 150/3 is extremely light. This combined with the ergonomic handle mean my hands do not tire out while using it on an extended sanding session.

-“Look Ma, my hands don’t hurt.” After extended sessions my ligaments do not feel like they were randomly orbited. I have a few other hand held tools that make it feel like I was using a mini jackhammer rather than a fine power tool.

-My wife thinks this sander is amazing because there is nothing for her to cleanup if I use in the middle of a living area. The first time she caught me using it in our dining room she could not believe that there was no dust to be found.  This dust extraction is due to the holes in the sanding pad that allow for the dust to get extracted.

-The abrasive pads run cooler too. This combined with the dust extraction means my pads last longer because I no longer have crud caked on them.

-There are more abrasives and polishes available for the ETS 150/3 than I know what to do with. I cannot even pronounce half of them. What I do know is that if I a need an abrasive for a certain application then I can likely find it and use it with the ETS 150/3. The pads quickly change using Velcro as seen below:


-I have yet to find something I do not like about this sander. I understand that the 150/5 can be more aggressive but I do not want or need a more aggressive sander.

-It does not fit into tight spots like the corners on the stair treads I need to refinish. :9

Nothing to say other than this is one amazing sander!

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