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Review of Festool CT 22 (583366)
« on: February 18, 2011, 01:30 AM »
My first set of reviews followed along as I built a prototype to get feedback from the CFO on a couple of items for a built-in. I also joked that it was a chance to prove the value of Festool to the CFO. Truthfully, the prototype did not do this, the CT22 did.


Shortly after getting the CT 22, TS 55 and a Festool sander I was doing work in our dining room on the hard wood floor. My wife and kids were out for the afternoon and when they returned my wife was shocked that I had not bothered to cover up anything from the dust. I asked her to show me where the dust was and she quickly became frustrated looking for some.
Now whenever I am working around the house she asks me to use the CT22 regardless if the tools (i.e. hammer) have a dust extraction port or not. Sometimes you just can’t win.

-When I started the renovation on our house the contractor would spend inordinate amounts of effort to clean up the site. Some of the work that they were doing (i.e. demolition) did not lend themselves to cleanliness.  I did get a chance to see how dust, dirt and clutter can slow productivity down. Now with the CT22 in my shop dust is a thing of the past and my shop is cleaner. (Combined with my systainers I almost feel Monica like!)

-The dust extraction does a big thing for me... keeps dust out of my lungs. I do enough dumb things for my body that it is nice to not worry about dust. No longer do I have to wear a mask or wake up the next day congested from dust! I can almost hear my lung cells saying thank you whenever I turn on my CT22.

-The CT22 is fairly portable. It is large enough to have decent capacity and power. It is also large enough to be a little awkward carrying it up stairs. This is a tradeoff I selected and no fault of the CT22.

-The hose is fairly stiff and at times I feel like I am wrestling a python. I do not notice when using the tools but after putting the hose out of the way is not straight forward. This is a minor point and if it were not for the extremely small size of my shop then I likely would not notice the inflexibility of the hose.

If you read through most of my recent reviews the common thread was that the dust extraction was amazing with Festools. The Festool system is amazing and I am happy to have the CT22 as the centerpiece of my system. (Here is the CT22 hose hooked up to my Domino.)


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