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This is my first review so bear with me. I couldn't really find any independent reviews so here is my feedback.

Product: UG-KA-Set Kapex Portable Stand w/ left and right extensions

Part No: 497354

Price Paid: $800

Purchased From:

Product Image:

Reason For Purchase:
First of all, I am what I would refer to as a beginner/DIY/hobbyist. At the moment am in a transitional state for woodworking. I have a small dedicated shop located about ten miles from home where most of my tools are located. However, I have been doing some remodeling at home requiring some basic woodwork. In the near future I will be moving my shop back into the garage at home. Until then I have to make do. At home I don't have any kind of traditional benches or wood working space, just a cluttered garage. I have a SCMS bolted to a counter top and I have my MFT/3 workbench.  There are three main reasons that I choose to make this purchase.

1. I need some kind of miter station ASAP for trim work and frame work

2. Once I have a more permanent miter station, I still like the idea and flexibility of having a portable miter station.

3. This was the one the pushed me over the edge. I recently had to rip some 60" long boards on my MFT using the TS55 with the 2700 rail. I ended up with the rail and material dangling over the ends of the MFT and the whole set-up was sketchy. Turns out the extensions from this kit are compatible with the MFT to act as table extension to support material. It always seems to come back to us the the Festool products act a as system and are well thought out.

The Review:
I am still waiting for the kit to show up. When it does I will post my review

What I liked:

What I didn't like:

Changes That I Would Like to Make:
I am an engineer/machinist by trade. I am always looking for ways to improve a design and have the means to implement these improvements. Without actually having the kit in my possession, I already have a couple of ideas that I would like to try

1. Come up with some kind of adapter so that this kit will work with the crown stops. The only downside that I can see to this is that the tape measures will loose their calibration but this can be remedied with new tapes

2. Tall sliding fence support for long and tall pieces with potential to clamp from as well. There is a nice t-slot along the top of the extension that could utilize this accessory.

3. Extended crown stops to support crown molding along the extensions. There looks to be a t-slot on the underside of the extension that might be used for this accessory.

Value of The Product:
Festool has a huge array of accessories. Some Accessories seem to have a really good value to them (what you get for the money). Some, not so much. An example of a high value product might be the "Festool 497697 Compact Cleaning Set" for $77. When you consider that this kit comes with a T-Loc Systainer 1 and the number of pieces in the kit, it's a pretty good deal. An example of a low value product might be the "Festool 493488 Domino Cross Stop" for $65. A couple of spring loaded pins and a couple of small plastic bits. Doesn't really seem worth the price they are asking for this kit.

Would I Buy Again:TBD

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Well 9 years is a long time to get a response to your post but I’m curious how you managed to recalibrate your extension tapes? I put a piece of T-track on the end of my extensions so now I have to recalibrate my tapes, but they’re really on there. Not sure if they can be removed and reapplied or just replaced?

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And the "Festool 497697 Compact Cleaning Set" is $100 now.  [eek]