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Title: LR32 and KV SYS D8
Post by: Df1k1 on May 16, 2021, 06:41 PM
This is not a review per se..Just some thoughts that I hope can help some new users out.
So I purchased both systems with the idea of using them for closet organizers. I have five closets in my house to do and I knew I wanted to use melamine because it was cheap and prefinished and could still look good if done correctly.  The weight of melamine was a major drawback so I decided to go with the knock down connectors thinking that could make installation a little easier.
I researched the heck out of both systems until I purchased them. However until they’re in your hand it’s really tough to know what you’re dealing with. I’m just a weekend wood worker and not a cabinet maker by any stretch and was pretty unfamiliar with the 32 mm system.
So to anyone just starting out and wants to use both systems a couple things I would advise. Definitely watch Sedge in multiple videos on how to use both systems. Also Guy Dunlap has a great video as well. Become very familiar with the term “32 up an out”or “16 up and out”. Again everything is in multiple of 32mm so it will make sense. Review the calibration and setup of the LR 32 first. Get comfortable with that system and how 32 mm works. If you can, use a panel that is in multiple of 32 mm length. It will make your whole life easier.. If you are using side panels that are in excess of 55 inches buy a second guard rail and invest in TSO products guide rail connector. Do not attempt to simply spend the second guard rail around. You are asking for problems. Trust me I found out the hard way.
If you choose to use the LR 32 exclusively for your side panels one thing you need to be aware of that I couldn’t find it anywhere.... You have to use the 9.5 markings on the guide rail index “up and out” for your top hole connector.
You then have to use the second guide rail index from the bottom also at 9.5 up and out and slide your rail up towards the top. You can’t simply spin your guide rail around because a 9.5mm offset is not a multiple of 32. Using the 9.5mm offset will allow your male connector to be centered on the top and bottom panel (in 32 mm cabinets the top and bottom panels are almost always captured...or between.. the side panels). And when it comes to using your drill attachment use a firm hand. It’s easy to blow thru cheap melamine. I found not using a clamp was actually easier.
Anyway I hope this helps someone