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Title: Review of Festool Tape Measure (495 415)
Post by: BTDT on February 15, 2011, 11:07 PM
to the CFO...

The next most common Festool accessory that I use is the Festool Tape Measure. It is definitely not the flag bearer for the Festool line but it does have its charms. The overall design and extra features of the tape measure make it an attractive product. The durability and ease of use of these features offset this.

The tape measure is fairly diminutive in size compared to a lot of other tape measures. The markings are in Imperial and Metric so it is handy for those who cannot get off the fence, people like me. Depending on what I am doing I use both systems and am comfortable with each. (Festool has really encouraged me to use more of the metric system for carpentry and woodworking than I otherwise would.)


As with my previous review, I am splitting it into three categories: Pros, Cons and Overall Conclusion. I am also including this introduction with some pictures of the tape measure in action. In this first picture we can see the space that was left by my contractor. The original idea was to reuse a door from elsewhere in the house and have some shelving. The new idea is to put in a built-in and have no door.


In this second photo, you can see the tape measure in action. Here it is being used to take an inside measurement for the width of the built-in. Note that my hand is blocking the window that allows you to read the inside measurement. In order to get the inside measurement you need to lock the tape and then take the reading.


Finally, I have included a picture of the window displaying the inside measurement. Not a big job at all!


-As mentioned above, there are metric markings on this tape measure which means it is the first metric tape measure that I own. (Sure there are other metric tape measures out there but I do not own any of them.) The dual imperial/metric markings allow someone to dabble in both worlds.
-The capability to take inside measurements is pretty nifty. By backing the tape measure against your starting point and extending the tape out, a window on the top of the tape measure allows you to read the inside measurement. This eliminates having to bend the tape and accounting for any offset due to tape flex.
-The ability to measure a radius and draw a circle is pretty handy. I have used it a few times and it allowed me to quickly draft a circle.
-For me the big attraction is the size. It is a small compact tape measure that easily fits into my pocket. I hate clipping tape measures because they often get caught and come off.

-Durability is not a strong suit, at least for the way I use my tools. As is inevitable, I dropped the tape measure. Now the mechanism that is used for measuring circles/arcs will not stay shut. Not a major issue but an annoyance.
-The readings for the inside measurement have the numbers upside down. It takes a little while to get comfortable reading the measurements upside down.
-A price comparison is an easy target. Although it has some nice features the durability (for my experience) mean that I would likely not purchase this item.

This is a fun little accessory that I am happy to have. It was given to me by a Festool dealer and I find myself reaching for it primarily due to the size and ability to take inside measurements.
Title: Re: Festool Tape Measure
Post by: GhostFist on February 16, 2011, 07:58 AM
Cool little review, The inside measurement feature does seem handy, you're never getting accurate readings by bending the tape. Durability in a tape measure is a must however, as bad as it is to drop your tape, it happens and to be without one on a jobsite mean's you're f'ed.

Like the way you set up your reviews, lets have some more.