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Title: Domino DF connectors
Post by: David Stanton on August 17, 2018, 05:35 PM
Hi everybody. Been a while since I have dropped in but thought you may be interested in the video I released today. If you own a domino 500 this video might help you in deciding if you want to give the smaller version of the  "knock down" style connector that has been very popular with users of the XL domino. It runs for about 20 minutes and as usual, I probably go into way more detail than anyone really wants but I try to explain it so if you are a new user, it just makes sense.  [wink]
Click here to view the Domino DF 500 connectors (https://youtu.be/dkcQKjtS70M)
Title: Re: Domino DF connectors
Post by: elm on August 17, 2018, 05:44 PM
Always enjoy your videos...thanks for posting.  Had no idea Festool had released these.  So glad they did.
Title: Re: Domino DF connectors
Post by: jobsworth on August 18, 2018, 11:37 AM
Nice Job Mate. Ya make it look easy and Ya make me wanna run out a buy one
Title: Re: Domino DF connectors
Post by: Henrik R / Pingvinlakrits on October 17, 2018, 02:51 PM
I have used the Connectors for some fairly large office furniture builds recently and they work pretty well - with some supporting "regular" Domino biscuits.

I find the tensioning a bit awkward and managed to snap off two of the connectors - one threaded pin and one receiving end/connector. I was able to fish both out of the hole and I did learn how tight I could do them up.

The thing is that you need to orientate the threaded pin towards the mating threaded locking bolt and I found that I was often half a turn away when the pin was being very snug already and by spinning it back it would loosen up the clamping (spreading) force a little so I did try to go for the "full turn" on a few of them and broke two connectors out of twenty-something.

Well in place it locks up well and is ease to mount and take apart.

Being used to the Domino I adapted to the procedure very quickly and I think I will not hesitate to use them in further projects if I can. I better - since I have the kit - and it wasn't cheap! I haven't checked the prices for a refill of the Systainer - I think I will hold that off until the next suitable project.

Title: Re: Domino DF connectors
Post by: Jcwoodshop on January 21, 2019, 08:23 PM

Always enjoy your videos David; thank you for your time and effort.

I purchased this kit this past summer after reading and watching various reviews. I found these connectors to be much more substantial then previously used knockdown connectors (KD). I’ve used the DF 500 for several years now, so I found the system easy to learn and easy to use.

I had an upcoming project that needed to be completed within a very small window of time. There were other considerations, ie, very limited final assembly space, and handling capabilities. The project consisted of five large wardrobe storage cabinets. I planned to make these utility cabinets out of 3/4″ hardwood plywood, since they were to be placed within a finished room. One run consisted of three cabinets, each cabinet measured 3′w x 6′h x 2.5′d, the sides cut on an angle to fit under the sloped ceiling; the other two cabinets each measured 2.5′w x 6′h x 2.5′d and were to support a desktop between them. Each of the larger cabinets was fitted with a hanger rod, shelfs, and a large drawer, while the smaller cabinets would each hold 5 metal pullout baskets.

I anticipated that the cabinets would be subjected to substantial use and abuse, therefore, I wanted to make them permanent assemblies. I realized that I’d never be able to assemble them in the shop as completed carcasses, and walk them up two flights of stairs to their final location. I fabricated and finished them in the shop and broke them down as typical KD cabinets. At their final location, one cabinet at a time was glued and assembled with dominos and the KD connectors. I applied bar clamps as needed. I then checked for square, tightened up on the KD connectors, unclamped the box, slid it into position, and made any final adjustments. This approached saved me a ton of time; allowing me to assemble and place each box; one after the other without having to clamp, wait for glue set-up, and then unclamp each box. While the five boxes set-up, I was able to turn my attention to drawers and doors.

The connectors may at first appear to be a little pricey but I was willing to accept the added cost in order to save assembly time; be able to assemble in a small space and save my back. Ive already restocked the kit and have used it as designed for a couple of much smaller cabinets.
Title: Re: Domino DF connectors
Post by: TSO Products on January 21, 2019, 09:56 PM
@Jcwoodshop - thank you for augmenting Dave Stanton's usual comprehensive presentation of the DF Connectors with a practical every day kind of example where these clever connectors can really pay their way.
As with many things new: they requires some exposure before you see new solutions made possible by innovation. As in: "why did I wait so long to give these a try?" . . .

thanks for the post.