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With the passing of time, does anybody have a new or improved way of limiting the suction with the CTL-Sys?  I wonder if Festool have released an adjustable hose end in recent years?  It looks like the new cordless version of the CTL-Sys has a new hose end to limit the suction.

I prefer the form factor more than the convenience of going cordless, the cordless run time isn't long enough for me so I'm leaning towards the CTL-Sys.

Thank you

Eventually the hose and/or hose end connector from the cordless model should be available as a replacement part.  It's possible that either of them ends up as their own retail SKU, too, but that's never a guarantee.

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Thanks for answering @squall_line and thanks for answering in the other thread as well.

I sure hope you are right about the SKU codes, that would be ideal for sure.

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So it appears that Festool have listened to feedback on a couple of the points made in this thread.  Posted in the 2022 catalogue are the specs for the NEW Cordless CT’s. Importantly the CTC SYS has:
1./ 2x18V battery powered for total 36V motor.  Adds weight of course. 
2./ When you detach the hose garage to be able to use that nice strap, the hose socket hole now appears to have a nice green swivel baffle to close it off when you take the hose out and tip it on its side.
3./. Importantly appears to have a variable suction selector similar to the new generation MINI and MIDI.  Looks like its only a three step variable but hey that would be wonderful.

In addition they have battery powered the CTC/MINI and CTC/MIDI.  Look like the current generation, but with a double battery bay on the far side of the hose garage/Systainer platform.

Really interested to see if/how long they are NAINA and when we might see them here.  Should be a no brained as we can use them worldwide as they use the 18V battery platform, however I am sure there is regulatory differences to get through (ugh!)