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Author Topic: VERY VERY unhappy with festool after domino cross stop  (Read 20882 times)

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Re: VERY VERY unhappy with festool after domino cross stop
« Reply #30 on: January 10, 2008, 01:34 AM »
Perhaps it isn't what, but how...
Clint Holeman


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Re: VERY VERY unhappy with festool after domino cross stop
« Reply #31 on: January 10, 2008, 06:01 AM »

Most of you here know that I love my Festool tools. I can do things with them, amazing things!   But when something doesn't work, it doesn't work. period.
Eiji Fuller

Definitely no argument there, you do amazing things with them. Period.

What about when it works only as good as promised? Is that still not good enough? You want it to work to your specs, but the cross-stop really only works as good as they made it. And they were clear about how well it works, in their cryptic German way. It works really very well. There is plenty of evidence. Not to mention you were trying to use it for stairway railings by your own admission. They make a special attachment fence for that. I haven't tried it, but I bet a brick to London it works better than a cross-stop. DD was trying to use it outside specs as well. Small wonder it didn't work the way either of you thought it would.

AFA green glasses, which I'll go ahead and assume you're talking about me in part, yep, I'm a nut. I considered carefully knowing I'd only be able to buy a tool once in most cases. I think I bought the best, but using them is only as good as I am, and use makes master. They are no doubt the best. Whenever I've made a real world comparison between these and anything else, I've chosen these. (with the exception of the Fein Multimaster, another incomparable tool). They do the job the best, and when they rarely don't, there are other solutions. To argue that the cross-stop is junk is a ridiculous argument. What are you comparing it to? You can want it to be better than it is, but it won't be until they change it, and then it will be better.

Doesn't work for you guys, fine, sell it, somebody will buy it despite your lack of endorsement.

If he had have come on here, congratulating festool for the cross stop, he would have been welcomed? ???
We are all here because we own/use festools...sometimes (not often) there are problems with them and the service provided to us. This IS the place to share our experiences with Festool, positive or negative? ???
Rant off :P ;D

I don't have any issue welcoming people with criticisms of the tools. There are some really very valid criticisms that have come to light via this forum. Of course we get more interested in praise than criticism. True, this forum isn't really geared towards talking about how bad the tools are, but in this case, I don't think anyone's brought anything new to the table.

If they make any tools that aren't as good as other options, so be it, I'd go with the better off brand tool. If they make things that don't match their claims, fine, you've got grounds to bitch. This was neither, despite what you guys want to think, they've been quite clear on limitations that the tool does have.

AFA service goes, there are probably almost a hundred examples of really excellent way beyond "normal" service right here on the forum, and a good (but pretty small still) percentage of those examples start with a bitch. DD could have accessed this excellent connection to Festool and found that out for himself long ago, probably before his second email to his rep. But he saved up all the junk part of it for us instead of asking for help. I'm not asking for much, just make it rational and don't curse the cross-stop from the top of the grassy knoll.

Having wasted all that hot air, I still think someone who can find their way around a tool can make a .3mm problem into a .3mm solution.

I'm way done.
Do nothing, stay ahead.

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Re: VERY VERY unhappy with festool after domino cross stop
« Reply #32 on: January 10, 2008, 08:10 AM »
If he had have come on here, congratulating festool for the cross stop, he would have been welcomed? ???

I don't have any issues w/ posting problems, you can learn as much from a thread about a problem as you can on a how-to thread. On the different forums I watch problem related messages make up the majority, but as I said in my earlier post, the tone of the message was counter productive.   I've seen these type of messages spiral out of control to the point where the forum suffers.  One of our greatest strengths is the positive tone and helpfullness of this forum! 

Messages that bash the product, as well as messages that bash the basher are both counter productive to the good health of the forum.


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Re: VERY VERY unhappy with festool after domino cross stop
« Reply #33 on: January 10, 2008, 09:23 AM »
Perhaps it isn't what, but how...

Exactly Clint.  It's not what you say, but the way that you say it.  Several folks have paid little attention to the way that they say it.  Tsk, tsk.  Be nice, people.
David W. Falkenstein
in Cave Creek, AZ, USA

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Re: VERY VERY unhappy with festool after domino cross stop
« Reply #34 on: January 13, 2008, 08:57 PM »
its all ok having a festool owners group telling festool that their gear and their service is great

wrong.........  their service is diabolical and they treat their customers with total contempt 

the domino cross stop is a totally useless piece of junk. after six dominos its 2mm out (reading the tape)

i didnt believe it was a festool problem until id tried it a second time

then i put the vernier caliper on it, the stops are .3mm different left to right (hence 1.8mm out at sixth domino)

are festool interested, are they heck, they couldnt give a flying stuff

i talked to the area rep, to get the problem resolved. it took him 3 weeks and aparantly 4 emails before he got a single reply from germany

all they did was confirm it wasnt accurate and they are going to do nothing about it

by the way the rep was reminded not to tell me the tool is innacurate

how stupid do festool think their customers are. i know their machining is innacurate because my vernier caliper confirms what my tape says

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way an expert (not even a very good novice).

I am not sure that I understand the problem that you are having with the "offness" of your mortise placement.  Are you saying that the mortises that you are making are off .3 mm from the initial mortise that you are making?  If this is the case, I was just watching the Domino video (as I am looking to make over 30 wooden storms) and it said that you make the first mortise a tight fitting mortise and the following ones are supposed to be made larger than the original to accommodate "offness".  Shouldn't this correct the issues that you are having?