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Title: TS 55 brush replacement problem.
Post by: kcclarkfw on January 31, 2019, 06:16 PM
My 5 year old TS 55 started making funny sounds, and I'm fairly sure it's the brushes. 

I called Festool Service and their only response was 'send it in and you might possibly get you saw back in one piece if you pay whatever we charge for the repair'.  If I don't want to pay for the repair, they don't even guarantee the saw will come back in one piece.

I know they can't diagnose over the phone, but really?  If they said 'IF it's the brushes , it will be $...'  I would be content and send it in.

Replacing the brushes seems to be an owner option.  Instructions are in the supplemental owners manual, so what's the problem?

I purchased some brushes on Amazon for $11 ( festool brand )

The problem is the old brushes seem to be stuck in the slots.  I don't want to damage anything. 

Anybody have any suggestions ?  Ideas ?   

A better way of dealing with Festool Service ?

Title: Re: TS 55 brush replacement problem.
Post by: mbrusso on January 31, 2019, 06:30 PM
Trust the service program.  Even though the saw is beyond the warranty period now (i   believe the TS 55 is a 3 year if I'm not mistaken), get your serial number out, fill out the service form and send it in.  I   have had nothing but good experiences here in Canada with service within and outside of warranty.

I   burnt out the armature on my TS 55 a few years ago when I   was ripping some wet lumber and forced it a bit much.- I   was lucky to have it within warranty and they re-built the armature assembly in the motor for me, and it's worked perfectly since.  I've also had my Kapex sent in, as well as a lithium Ion battery replaced on a work light.

Title: Re: TS 55 brush replacement problem.
Post by: Peter Halle on January 31, 2019, 06:50 PM
Welcome to the FOG.  Somehow I think that there might b a difference between was was said, heard, and then written here.

If a tool is sent into Festool for diagnosis and possible repair they will disassemble and them advise of cost.  If the owner decides they don’t want to repair they will return to the owner at the owners’s cost but it will not be reassembled.

Liability and insurance against liability claims are the reason.

Diagnosing tool issues over the phone or internet isn’t a reality anymore.

Title: Re: TS 55 brush replacement problem.
Post by: Longhair on February 02, 2019, 08:48 AM
Does anyone have any suggestions on removing stuck brushes?