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Author Topic: How to get CT15 to start when power applied to the wall outlet  (Read 985 times)

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I would like to start a CT15 (does not have bluetooth) when an iVac device provides 120V power to the outlet the CT15 is plugged in to. The power switch is I believe still a manual on-off like the new CT Midid, but the man button is a momentary contact switch. My organization uses Bosch 12" Glide miter saws and we want the CT15 to start/stop when the miter saw starts/stops. Normally the iVac provides that function, but the new membrane switches on the CT15 and Midi can't be left "on". The Bosch is selected because it is "bullet proof" against rough handling which is a requirement for us. It is not soft start and has too high an inrush current and run current for using the CT autostart outlet. (I have a Kapex at home and it would not hold up in our shop's volunteer worker environment). Also the iVac allow us to use 2 circuits to run the CT and the saw which can help avoid tripping the breaker. Currently I have 1 setup with the new version of the CT Midi and a remote blue tooth switch mounted to the miter saw cabinet. I plug the CT into the iVac outlet designed for the saw and the saw into the dust collector outlet on the iVac. The use cannot start the saw without first pushing the bluetooth button to start the CT Midi, once done, the bluetooth is pushed again and power is cut to the saw in about 6 seconds. My intention was to repurpose the "expensive" Midi for use with sanders, etc, with the bluetooth button on the hose. Then we can afford several CT15s for our miter saw stations. The CT is coupled to a dust deputy behind doors inside a folding, portable miter saw cabinet. I can't expect users to bend down, open the door, push man, make the cut and then repeat to turn the CT off. Festool tech support in the US was no help, they don't know anything that might help me modify the CT. iVac has terrific devices and their tech support is also terrific. However they don't have a solution either. I looked at putting a dummy load (a gooseneck lamp by the saw) connected to the miter stand as essentially an on/off switch for the CT, but that's not desirable and a waste of power and a heat generator. Such a roughly 40 watt load would perform the function of the current bluetooth setup we have (continuing to plug the CT and saw into the iVac backward). Sorry for the long explanation, any ideas?

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Re: How to get CT15 to start when power applied to the wall outlet
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2020, 11:43 PM »
Unfortunately the new ct midi switch act like a magnetic switch. Unlike a machanical switch which stay in it's state no matter if there is power or not, electronic switches are (in the ct midi case) open circuit by default.

In your situation and since you have the bluetooth remote, remove the iVac from your schematic. Another thing you can do if you are within the 30 days return policy is to get a ct 26 instead.
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Re: How to get CT15 to start when power applied to the wall outlet
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2020, 01:33 AM »
Try plugging one leg of the Ivac into the CT Autostart outlet, and swap it if it doesn't work right. Into the circuit, on the Ivac, designed for the vac power, plug a small load, like a light bulb. You can run two circuits that way.

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Re: How to get CT15 to start when power applied to the wall outlet
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2020, 10:42 PM »
Just plug the saw into the CT15.  If you are worried about the current draw, then test the actual current draw of the saw. 

You get 30 days to try it out.

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Re: How to get CT15 to start when power applied to the wall outlet
« Reply #4 on: May 05, 2020, 12:02 AM »
The CT Midi and CT15 have the same motor and internals I think so if the Bosch will run directly off the Midi it will run off the CT 15. It’s an 1800W motor so technically it’s too high but...

 My Makita glide saw is 1500W (10”) and it runs great straight off the Midi. It’s never cut out.

If the Bosch does cause the CT 15 to trip you won’t hurt it. Could always try a thinner kerf blade which will reduce load considerably. Since I changed the Makita to the Diablo 90T superfine the load on the motor is even lower. Depends what you are cutting of course.

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Re: How to get CT15 to start when power applied to the wall outlet
« Reply #5 on: May 17, 2020, 06:10 AM »
I was about to order a CT15 to replace my Bosch GAS50M that is permanently connected to my CNC router. And then I realized it won't start when applying mains. I need two things It to start when applying mains, and have an exhaust. The CNC turns on an outlet for the vacuum. I run the dust extracted from the router through a cyclone and almost never empty the bag of my current vacuum (typically only when I forget to empty the cyclone on time). The CT15 has an exhaust and I want to dump the exhaust air outside in the garden instead of breathing it. The CT26 does not have that exhaust. CT-SYS has h/w buttons, but I am unsure it is has enough power to suck through 5m of 50mm hose and a cyclone and then another 5m of 100mm tubing and a silencer. If I can get the CT15 to start on mains, I will order it immediately. The spindle is 1500 watts, but I do not want to plug that in because the CNC has separate outlets for that and I want to clean the project before I take the material from the router, with only the vacuum on.