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Author Topic: FS - PA Parrallel Guides Comments/Mods  (Read 2041 times)

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FS - PA Parrallel Guides Comments/Mods
« on: May 05, 2010, 09:40 AM »
I just bought the parallel guides to help with sheet good cutting and parallel rip cuts.  So far very pleased with them.  Do have a couple of comments/solutions to some issues I've got with the guides.

1.  The small cast-in arrow on the stops is hard to see and set relative the scales on the guide bar.  I highlighted the cast-in arrow area with some bright red paint - this helps.  n.b. this is the same fix I did on my Leigh dovetail machine some years ago when they used cast-in marks.

2.  To straddle a 48 or 49 inch sheet, a guide rail longer than 55 inch is needed.  Simple fix, buy a 75 incher!!

3.  The 26 inch +/- max rip capacity of the FS-PA is too small for many of my needs.  To make it a little more, the modification suggested by Brice Burrell elsewhere on this site helps (attaching the small guide bars from the FS-PA-VL narrow rip guide to the ends of the main guide bars).  I inquired of Festool the price & availability of replacement longer guide bars ( P/N's 496156 and 496157) to extend the existing ones and was told they are ~ $44 each.  Checking other users online, I found the solution offered by fshanno on talkfestool.com to be a very do-able fix ( constructing extensions to the longer guide bars ).  Longer guide bars do need support tabs so they don't droop, however.

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