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Title: CT 22 Auto Start
Post by: just1more on March 19, 2019, 08:04 AM
I'm wondering if anyone can provide insight with regard to vacuum electronics. I had my vacuum set to auto when I plugged in my Domino which I mistakenly had switched on. It ran for about 3 seconds and switched off. According to Festool support the Domino will do this, but resets when switched off then on. Unfortunately, from this point on it would not run or start the vacuum. However, it will run normally from the vacuum if I use the TS55 cord. I also tried the cord from my Pro 5 Limited, and it would not run. My Kapex will not run from the vacuum either. Everything else I've tried in the vacuum receptacle will work and start the vacuum—even the Pro 5 with the same cord. Is this thing possessed or is there a reasonable explanation? Tech support has no answers.