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  1. Why a 1mm deflection with Festool Parallel Edge Guides?
  2. Domino Disaster
  3. Festool FS-WA/90 vs. TSO GRS-16 (Festool not square)
  4. Would it be too much to have the plug-it connections to face the same way?
  5. Any experience with the WP Exact 90 as an alternative to MFT3 crosscuts?
  6. Yellowing of systainers and Cleantec
  7. OF 1010 spring & slide posts
  8. New brushes in CT48 and it won't start up
  9. Kapex Motor Warrantee
  10. BPC clip retainer
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  14. Another Kapex Bites the dust. Again.
  15. Conturo Edgebander - Glue not consistently applied and sliding edgeband
  16. T18+3 Li-Ion Drill acts up after 10+ years
  17. DF 700 Domino Joiner Quality Issue. How bad is bad enough?
  18. Does the cost of shipping kill the idea of non warrantee repair?
  19. PS 300 EQ blade not sitting straight
  20. Kapex blade won’t lower
  21. Track Saw Guide Rail Problems
  22. Festool ro 150 E variable speed drifting
  23. Domino XL 700 Problem
  24. TS55EQ stopped working
  25. Kapex fast fix not working
  26. Extra dust with TS55
  27. CT Midi I Issue with Socket
  28. Kapex rubber dust collection boot broke.
  29. New CT MIDI and new BT remote won’t pair
  30. (Another) KAPEX question
  31. New Kapex 120 REB - hot gearbox, oil from vents, table not level and more...
  32. HK 55 won’t start
  33. CTL26E won´t start
  34. MOVED: Carvex pendulum fix
  36. Carvex Strobe Light Mode
  37. TKS 80 poor dust extraction
  38. Kapex laser replacement
  39. Domino 5mm holes in white oak do not fit 5mm dominos
  40. Red Light on CT 15 E extractor
  41. ETSC 125 spinning issue
  42. Brand new RO 125 Stopped Working
  43. RO 125 just stopped while sanding
  44. Any idea why my PDC is doing this?
  45. Stalling / Intermittent problem on ETS EC sanders
  46. New Kapex going back for service
  47. Need help finding a part number
  48. Flashing red light on battery charger?
  49. Rs3e fault finding question
  50. conturo edgebander and 1/2 mm pvc edge banding melting the pvc