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We like parts to fit reasonably tight. But even if the fit is “too sloppy”, as long as all holes are the “same” size and all dogs are the “same” size the system works.

Here’s the example:

If your dogs are too small, or the holes were too big,  as long as the holes are on 96mm centers and in proper geometric registration in the MFT and in the Woodpeckers square, you can push them to one side of the holes and your fence or square will remain in registration with the hole pattern.

So pull the Woodpeckers square toward you or push it to the left, and bring the rail up to it. It will be square to the horizontal rows of holes in the MFT. this works whether you have 1/8 inch or 0.002” of “slop”.

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I'm going to guess that the holes in the Layout Square are sized to account for the majority of tolerances:  MFT hole sizes and positions, Dog diameters and run-out, Layout Square hole sizes and positions.

About the only way to tighten-up the design is to use long "pins" that go through both the Layout Square and the MFT simultaneously.  The holes in the Layout Square would be 20mm like the MFT and the "pins" would have a shoulder to rest on the Layout Square.
Correction:  The above paragraph is how it was designed.  I didn't have a way to check since mine is gone.
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I take the quality issues very seriously, but I can't get too steamed about the scheduling issues.

I know when I make the very first one of a new product, it takes a lot of time, sometimes an unpredictable "lot of time".   Suppliers contribute to that as do subcontractors, unforeseen technical issues, last minute design changes, etc.  It sometimes takes me ten times longer to make the first acceptable good one as it does the second.  The One Time Tool business model is hostage to that.  I great prefer a maker who takes the time to get it right.  I would never plan a project around the arrival of a one time tool. [unsure]