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Special Thanks to Bob Marino...
« on: March 23, 2007, 10:32 AM »
I made a purchase from Bob this last Sunday for some Festools, TS 75, CT 22, 118" Guide Rail, 300mm Clamps and I received everything yesterday, 4 days after order was placed. I live in Southern California.

Bob was great to deal with as I am a person who believes customer service is very important part of the sale and I will spend the extra money to get great service. I know the Festool products prices are set but I feel Bob is a great guy and I am glad I made my purchases with him and will buy more tools form him in the future.

As for the TS 75 and the CT 22, I cut up some hardwood ply last night and I was shocked at the smoothness of the cuts with zero tearout and did not even use the Splinter Guard yet. I have been getting tired of ripping full sheets by myself on my Table Saw and now my life is easier. The guide was a pleasure to work with without even using the clamps I purchased.

Thanks again Bob and can't wait to get my Domino with Tenons so I can go to work...
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Re: Special Thanks to Bob Marino...
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2007, 01:15 PM »
During most recent Christmas/New Year season, i ordered my OF 1400 router and CT 22 from Bob.  wouldn't you know, he screwed up.  Of course, you know the fact i placed the order a day before New Years Day had nothing to do with any sort of screw up (I'm only kidding about the screw up Bob) and about two weeks later, i decided to call just to check up on the order.  Somehow, with the fact it had been placed on a weekend, and a long weekend at that, and a weekend when I am sure there were more fun things to do at that, he had not processed the order.  It can happen.  Bob was actually more upset than i was and offered to drive up to my place from New Jersey the next morning with my toys.  Now, i think that would have been just a little beyond any call of duty and so I allowed I could wait for the natural forces of UPS.  It would have been atleast a three hour round trip, probably more at the hours he would have been traveling.  Then, once he found my town, that would have been his real downfall.  I live in an area of town where "you cahn't get theah from heah".  I don't think one could ask for any better service attitude than that.
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