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Hi Everyone

I had some very exciting news a couple of days ago...

The King's Awards for Enterprise is a competition open to British businesses with winners judged to excel in international trade, innovation and sustainable development. They are the highest official UK awards for British businesses.

King Charles III has been been personally involved in the selection of winners for this year's King's Award for Enterprise.

The Parf Guide System Mk 2 has won the award in the Innovation category. I had spent 2 years working on the concept and then partnered with Axminster Tools to go through prototyping, pre-production analysis and then production and marketing. Axminster deserve a huge amount of credit in putting their trust in the concept and then taking on all of the hard work and costs of bringing the product to market.

Here is the entry on the Axminster Blog:


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Congratulations, Peter! That's a rather large feather to put in your cap  [thumbs up]

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Congratulations, Peter! So when is the knighting ceremony?
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Well deserved, it’s a fantastic product!

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Congrats Peter!
Well deserved. I recently got mine and am very impressed with the quality and precision. I could have spent slightly less to get one of the ujk HDF tops, but decided to spend a bit more and have the ability to make as many tops as necessary. Three so far; my main workbench and a rolling workbench for the shop, and a portable with folding legs for use with around the house projects.

I've been equally impressed with the expanding dogs and the slim parf fences as well. Great job all around.

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Congratulations Peter!

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Congratulations, Peter!  Will you be mentioned in the award certificate or will it be only Axminster?

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@Peter Parfitt , Congratulations!  That is a spectacular accomplishment and award! 


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Great news Peter. Congratulations! A real testament to your innovation and skill.
Please keep innovating.

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Congrats Peter, a great accomplishment indeed!
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Congratulations Peter ! 

I hope you get to meet our King.


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Congratulations Peter! And well deserved! May this honor bring you to invent even more brilliant tools.

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YES, Peter,

TSO joins the CONGRATULATIONS of the world’s woodworkers who have benefitted from your ingenuity with the invention and your persistence to bring the Parf Guide System to a global market through the cooperation and teamwork with the Stiles family of AXMINSTER Tools.

The success of your Parf Guide System beat the odds and became a world recognized product with staying power. This success is not only due to your ingenuity of invention but in large part the result of your persistent effort to find a production and marketing partner in AXMINSTER and also to continue to do the heavy lifting of “spreading the word” with the diligence and perseverance of presenting and promoting and supporting your invention in that helpful New Brit Workshop.

Truly exceptional accomplishment, Peter, and truly deserving of His Majesty’s recognition.

An honor so well deserved. We salute you, Peter!

Hans, Eric, and the TSO Products Team
who have made a home for the Parf Guide System in North America

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Many congratulations Peter and Axminster; what a fabulous result!

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Fantastic news, Peter.  Congratulations.  I’ve really enjoyed my Parf guide and am sure thousands more have as well.  Great innovation!

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You've really built a wonderfully practical tool. This award is well deserved.

The Parf Guide solves the chicken or the egg dilema for woodworkers. How to build an mft for a woodshop without an mft and a woodshop.

Helping makers make is the essence of this community, and the Parf Guide Mk II sums that up beautifully.

Congratulations and thank you. The product of your ingenuity helps me build every day.

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A truly deserved accolade!
What a magnificent application of mathematics in the woodshop, and what consideration given to the new woodworker as makpacman pointed out.
I have learned so much from your tutorials, Mr Parfitt - God bless you!

- Deep

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Congratulations Peter.  A terrific and well deserved honor!!

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Just saw this news on your YT channel ( I am a subscriber), and had to come on here to congratulate you! Wonderful news and such an honor! Very much deserved. While I do not have experience with this particular system, I have benefitted greatly from your tutorials and advice. Bravo, Peter!!
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Hi Everyone

Thank you all (and those to come) for the support and lovely remarks following this super award. Some of you may have seen a short video that I have made describing the award. Here is the link:

Once again, thank you.