Author Topic: Original Guide Rail Square now fits Milwaukee M18 FUEL Track Saw!  (Read 281 times)

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We're excited to announce the original, patented GRS-16 Guide Rail Square now fits the Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless track saw! Since its release seven years ago, the GRS-16 has grown to be an essential tool for efficiently breaking down sheet goods, helping you achieve fast and square cuts with your track saw. Milwaukee users can now enjoy everything the GRS-16 PE has to offer:

* Single-piece design that self-squares to 90° with no adjustments needed (and therefore, no points of failure in the future)
* Dual parallel edge design allows for referencing off the front or back edge of your workpiece
* Lightweight design that balances perfectly once attached to your guide rail
* Super strength, custom draw latch features a resilient coating to grasp the edge of your guide rail and prevent marring
* Accessory mounting holes enable connection to the TSO Parallel Guide System and Angle Accessory
* Fits in a Systainer—Systainer Foam Insert and limited edition TSO Blue Systainer3 M 112 offered separately


Here's a few of our other popular products:

JUST RELEASED! MFT Aligned Upgrade Kit
Restore confidence in your MFT/3's accuracy with the MFT Aligned Upgrade Kit, which replaces Festool's stock plastic mounting brackets located on both the front and back guide rail supports with precision CNC-machined aluminum brackets. These new brackets are much more rigid and—because we're able to hold much tighter tolerances in aluminum—they also provide a more precise and uniform fit. The result is much stronger guide rail supports less prone to deflection and less likely to move out of square during normal operation.

TPG Parallel Guide System
Upgrade from the tape-measure-and-marking routine to a best-in-class system that will increase the speed, accuracy and quality of your parallel rip-cuts.

GRS-16 Guide Rail Squares
Our patented designs are born square through precision CNC machining and an innovative self-aligning latch mechanism. Simply slide the square onto your guide rail and lock it into place. Five seconds to square!

Padded Storage Bags for Precision Tools
Whether in the shop or on the job site, a little insurance for your fine tools is always a good move. Check out our new padded storage bags for guide rails up to 55" in length, parallel guides, and precision triangles.

GRE-13 Guide Rail Extension
Provide more support at both ends of your plunge cuts with this 13.7-inch (346 mm) guide rail extension, which conveniently fits in a Systainer. Connectors included!