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Benchdogs New Rail Square
« on: January 13, 2020, 02:31 PM »
Hi All

Thought I would let you know that our Rail Square is now available for pre order here at Benchdogs UK


The New Benchdogs Rail Square, Light, Strong and Square. A Unique design which makes it stand out from the crowd.  Special fitment that works with Festool, Makita & Triton Track Saws. The added slide support for using the track on the left or right of the workpiece.

With the Additional 30mm or 50mm bevel adaptors, the Rail Square can be used with bevelled edges which easily screws in on the bottom side of the square, so no need to find an Allen key of fixing to attach it.

MFT compatible.  With the use of the Grooved Adaptors, this can be inserted in the holes of and MFT top to allow the square to be used on any MFT style top for complete accuracy. The use of our B-Collars can also be used to adjust the height to suit board sizes of 9, 12, 15,18 & 25mm.

The Rail Square will be available in 3 options

1. Rail Square Only  - £110
2. Rail Square Systainer with foam insert - £150
3. Rail Square Systainer fully loaded,  which includes  Rail Square, Systainer, Insert, 30mm & 60mm bevel adaptors, MFT Grooved Adaptors & B-Collars, 4 x 30mm Benchdogs (in line with B-collars) £199


Design, manufactured and design registered in the UK.


Any other items ordered with this item will not be shipped until Rail Square is ready for shipping.  Please order this product on its own.
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