Author Topic: New Festool products announced! Pre-order a new MIDI or MINI today!  (Read 1127 times)

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Festool officially announced the release of the new MINI and MIDI Dust extractors! Bluetooth built in!

The CT MINI/MIDI I has countless ways to make your work easier and faster. From the integrated Bluetooth technology to the new external filter replacement to the new internal hose holder, the CT MINI/MIDI I is carefully crafted with every detail in mind.

Learn more and Pre Order Here:



With that announcement, Festool has also said they are almost completely out of the current MINI and Midi models. Dealers will run out before the new ones are released. Luckily Beaver Industrial Supply will have them in stock and ready to ship until the new model is ready to come out. If you want the current model and save $50 off what the new price of the new ones will be, shop now!

Shop Current Model CT MINI & MIDI

We will have them when other dealers run out  [wink]