Author Topic: Festool 201311 SYS-MFT FX Clamping Systainer Set - Limited Availability (US)  (Read 6237 times)

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If you have two more available can you please hold them? I will call the store first thing in the morning. You guys ship correct?

   We do, and I may or may not be at work tomorrow (cold/flu) but you should be able to talk to anybody there. The downside of TN is that our sales tax rate is high....9.25%. In any case, give them a call and see what the damage is.
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iIf anyone is looking for these, I know that the Burlington Design Center in Mt. Laurel, NJ has several. I was there yesterday trying to decide on pulling the trigger on a MFT. They are not really a mail order dealer, but I'm sure that they can ship items this small.

Ask for the owner Mike Keane.

Burlington Design Center
Mount Laurel
3019 Marne Highway
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey 08054
(856) 778-7772

Good luck,
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Postscript - Bessey must make the Festool quickclamps because we sell the Bessey and the Festool ones at our store....the Festool version is significantly less expensive. ($58 Bessey vs $42 Festool)

They do. And Wiha and Wera is most likely the ones making screwdriver handles, bit holder and bits for Festool. Including Bessey, they are first rate products in Europe, I guess they are well positioned in the US market as well. As of today, and 20+ years of using bits and bit holders from those none has broke, Bessey too make very nice quality products. I think Festool is one of few who have “rebadged” other high quality brands under their name. I know DeWalt used to have bits from, I think Wiha, those from DeWalt were also almost bullet proof.

I always thought it was kind of interesting how they use Wera for the bits, but Wiha for the handle. 

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I’ve wondered about the same. There could be just the trade among suppliers for Festool. It is not unusual asking for bids on production series. Wiha definitely won somehow at some time back, as the installers set’s handles of late is Wiha. The new Centrotec locking bit holder is Wera..
I have a very rare tool chest (mechanic tools) where all pliers and screwdrivers are Wiha. They are immaculate. Bauhaus (German wholesaler, also in Norway, Sweden, Denmark) sells Wiha produced screwdrivers etc. under their own name; Wiscent. I bought those as well in my former job, recognising that it was rebranded Wiha. Those screwdrivers have been through a lot, but still as good. They are now pensioners in my light work home kit  [big grin]
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