Author Topic: Found a really nice deal on brand new 18v plunge saw but without warranty  (Read 531 times)

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Found a really nice deal on brand new 18v plunge saw but without warranty
Warehouse with Festool tools was closing down and sold all tool stock not just festool to cash paying buyer.
Buyer now offering an acceptable price but without receipt.

I've checked Festool is not interested in covering warranty without original receipt.

Any thoughts?

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This sounds strange but i would contact Festool again.


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Thanks for the quick reply.

Which part sounded strange?

FT mentioned it could be from OS or stolen or stolen from a FT shop.

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Contacted a Festool dealer here.
Over 12 years they have only had 2 warranty claims.
He agreed the price I paid was an excellent find.

The Festool customer tools registration requires a Dealer Number.

In retrospect, Dewalt wouldn't let me claim under warranty with a valid receipt for a 7 month old contractors saw used only periodically as a hobbyist.

So not surprised.

Checked US site as well.
Same thing.

Super happy with my find.
Now that I've got it in my hands I'm no longer worried about warranty.

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Got a call from their support people about cleaning the Kapex 120.

While they were on the phone I asked about my situation.

He was very understanding about it being New and Australian product.
They agreed to enter me manually.

Thanks to Peter for suggestion I contact them again.