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Formal Introduction
« on: April 20, 2007, 01:48 AM »
Hi Everyone,

   My name is Chris Smith and I own Accurate Systems. I have been a Michigan Festool dealer for close to five years in one form or another.
   I like most of you fell in love with Festool the first time I saw the brands capabilities. My family owned a power tool store at the time that carried all of the major brands of tools on the market. Due to the economy, or lack there of, here in Michigan power tools were not moving like they had in the past. So we were forced to close our retail stores. However, the only bright spot in the business was a formerly black and green company, currently a blue and green company we know as Festool.
   I wanted to keep my Festool dealership so I formed a company called ACCURATE SYSTEMS.
   Now I'm not like the other big market guys you may see out there. I'm a one man show. I pack up my gear and head out on the road to do demos. So to help with the visibility of my company I designed a website ACCURATESYSTEMS.BIZ to give my customers something to attach my name to.
   In the last 6 months my wife and I had a life changing event take place. One that I fully won't grasp for maybe 20 or 30 years or so. That would be the birth of my son.  :o He is a fantastic baby! However, since becoming a stay at home dad, my wife and I have been afflicted with LACKOFSLEEPITIS. So if you don't see or here from me don't worry, I'm probably passed out on the couch with a tube of desitin in one hand and a diaper in the other waiting for that baby pager to go off!  :P   
   In all seriousness, I am here on the forum quite frequently or at least logged in. So if anyone has any questions or needs anything please let me know. I love to talk Festool. I am available at all hours virtually. Me and my bluetooth headset.

P.S. I have had enough time in the last 6 months to do one woodworking project though. It's not quite as cool as others, but it works. It is a my very own Jumbo MFT. I'll post pictures in the jigs thread area tommorrow.

Thanks for reading this,

Chris Smith
Festool Dealer

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Re: Formal Introduction
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2007, 09:30 AM »

It's great to have you aboard!   Good luck with the new baby and the new "biz".  ;D