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Festool CT Cyclone
« on: September 11, 2018, 03:37 PM »
Festool's new CT Cyclone CT-VA 20 is an excellent solution for dealing with large volumes of dust and debris. The cyclone separator mounts on top of your CT 26, 36, or 48 and traps most of the dust and debris, reducing the need to replace filter bags and filters which saves you time and money.

It is compact and space-saving, and the flat top allows other Systainers to be stacked on top. For small jobs, the Cyclone can be used without the clear collection container for a mini separator. One benefit of this arrangement is that the entire assembly locks to the CT Dust Extractor.

Use it with a CT Cyclone Collection Container VAB-20/1 if you are generating a lot of dust (also available in a package of three as CT Cyclone Collection Container 3 Pack VAB-20/3). The container is clear so you can see when it is full, at which point you can seal it with the included lid and install another container to continue work. Later, you can make one trip to empty multiple containers - this may be off-site, or away from your work area.

For even greater convenience and tidy disposal, the Disposable Dust Liners ENS-VA-20/10 eliminate the need to dump the container, exposing yourself to a cloud of dust.

All these items are available for pre-order on our website and will be available starting October 1. These items ship free across Canada if part of an order $150 or more.