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Hey guys,

I'm going to post this on Sawmill Creek as well but I have negotiated a very special buy on stainless steel screws of two particular types.

As you all know, housing starts and building permits are down nation-wide. McFeely's is doing well but I'm hearing of the pain many of my contractor friends are suffering from and it hurts to know about it. In addition, we're in the middle of a perfect storm because iron ore is increasing in price so it's not like any screw distributors are in a position to decrease prices.

Decreased demand from home-builders and ominous signs that prices of supplies could increase = not a good situation for our friends who build the houses in which we live.

So I've recently negotiated a very special buy as I mentioned above on #10 flat head, 305 grade stainless steel screws. These are identical to our long-standing Fa5 line except that they have a non-standard #3 recess. Generally, #10 screws have a #2 recess.

They're not trim heads or painted or any of our optimized thread types but what they are is a solid alternative for a contractor who is struggling with fastener prices at the moment. I'm hoping that these may help a lot of my friends land a job they wouldn't otherwise. I'm basically selling high-quality stainless for what you'd usually pay for galvanized.

They should be available by April 1 at the latest and can be seen here:

#10 x 2-1/2"

#10 x 3"

I have no idea how long I'll be able to do this and I can't afford to repackage them into smaller quantities. But, for now, I'm taking the plunge. I'm not advertising these in the regular way because this is really intended for the hard-working guys out in the field and not someone who wants to buy them and resell them at a higher price!

I know you guys have a lot of friends in the trades so if you think that this could be helpful to them, please let them know.

And I promise that tomorrow I'll have something everyone can appreciate (I know, a little tease from Ron) but I'm going to offer heavy-duty seven, eight, and fifteen drawer tool storage chests from Klein (each of these bad boys is over 100 lbs) without freight. I had hoped to introduce the special today but I couldn't. However, it should be a go by tomorrow.

So if you guys will help any of your contractor friends out by pointing them my way, I promise to offer you something very nice on tomorrow in return.

As always, thanks for being here, guys!
Ronald Pegram
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