Author Topic: Any dealer still have an MFT 1080 replacement top hanging around?  (Read 505 times)

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Mine is pretty beat up (both sides) and I meant to get a new one for a while but now I see that Festool doesn't have them any more. Any chance you might have one kicking around in the back room. Would consider an old demo top that has some cuts but still has a lot of life left.

Of course I know I can make one myself but I'd rather spend my limited time building other stuff.

Hoping some one out there can help.

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@Mark Katz - if you don't find one shortly, let us know and we'll see about machining a couple of spares for you for you.

 Email us directly:  attention Hans

include your shipping address.


Offline Mark Katz

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Thanks Hans. Will give it a few more days and then get in touch if nothing shows up.