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For Sale - Festool TS55, TS75 & AT65 Dust Cover
« on: May 22, 2020, 06:28 PM »

I'm pleased to announce that my line of Dust Covers has expanded.

Thanks to a welcome volunteer on ebay, who shipped me the side of their AT 65, I now have covers for TS55 REQ\REB, TS75 EQ and AT65 Es.

This cover fits firmly into place and keeps the dust from spewing out of the arbor hole. It can easily be popped out using a flat head screw driver. It's 3D printed using Apple Green PLA, which is really close to Festool green.

Note - PLA has a lower melting temperature than the ABS typical used in tools. The cover might get soft and deform if left in temperatures higher than 140F \ 60C. If this is a concern, please send me a message, I am trying to find a similar green in PETG filament which has a higher melting point. However, I've not received any feedback that this has been an issue.

Festool has tweaked the shape\size of the hole over the years. Here's the dimensions my covers fit:

AT 65 E with a 45mm (~1-3/4") x 90mm (~3") hole
TS 55 REQ or TSC 55 REB with a 35mm (1-3/8") by 53mm (2-3/32") hole
TS 75 EQ with a 43mm (1-11/16") x 67mm (2-10/16") hole

I now have a big batch ready for fast shipping, and wanted to extend an offer to all FOG members. If you DM me your email address, I will send you a PayPal invoice for $14.00, which includes free shipping in the US. Shipping to outside of the US adds $3, to cover extra postage.

If you prefer to use eBay, you can buy directly for $14.99 at


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