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AlumiFence for SawStop®

Available on for pre-order with discounted pricing.

Machined aluminum fence face for SawStop® Professional T-Glide Fence!

If you have a SawStop® table saw with the professional T-Glide fence you already know the fence is only 35” long, and like most users you probably find it too short for many applications like cutting sheet stock, straight lining lumber, and long rips. The Betterley AlumiFence is 42 ½” long, machined flat, and rock solid - providing optimal results with your professional T-Glide Fence.

Why is a longer fence superior to a short fence?
Why does a long fence outperform a short fence?
Why do you need a longer fence on your T-Glide Fence?
What are the benefits of a long fence over a short fence?
Ease of use.
-It is much easier to locate large and/or long material accurately against a long fence.
-A longer fence eases consistent feeding tightly against the fence, particularly during the infeed and outfeed process.
-When straight lining lumber edge imperfections and bows are minimized with a longer fence, resulting much straighter rips.

What are the benefits of machined aluminum versus plywood or plastic?
-Betterley AlumiFences are CNC machined flat, they start out straight and are not affected by normal climatic changes in humidity and temperature like plywood and plastic are.
-The edges of the AlumiFence are machined straight, allowing the fence to double as a machined straight edge. Machining all surfaces relieves surface tension in the aluminum ensuring a lifetime of stability.
-The AlumiFence is straight and rock solid, no flex just easy accurate rips.
-Direct replacement for the standard SawStop® plywood face, no modifications required.

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This looks like another beneficial tool from Betterly.

One of the things I like about my Paralok fence is the extra length.
The longer the fence the longer the piece of stock you can joint with the tablesaw.

I can’t keep my joiner setup all the time so if I just need to straighten an edge I use the tablesaw.
When the stock is a little too long I set the concave side against the fence and then place (and tape) a shim or wedge between the stock and fence and rip. Takes a few trimming passes to get a perfectly straight edge.

When the stock is longer I clamp an 8 foot level to the fence and do the above.
With the level longer stock can be edge jointed than on my actual jointer.