Author Topic: Woodpecker Domino Offset Base & Parallel Guide System for Track Saw and Routers  (Read 6332 times)

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We are taking pre-orders from Canadian customers for Woodpecker's Offset Base and Parallel Guide System. These were very popular last time they were offered.

Each accessory will enhance the capabilities of the tool, and make repetitive cutting easier. They also break down to fit in a SYS1, too.

The Domino DF 500 Offset Base uses spacers to provide absolutely solid and repeatable positioning, and centers the tool on common stock thicknesses. Additional spacers are available for thicker stock, and for use with the DF 700. Outriggers with flip stops make it easy to make mortises down the length of a board.

Woodpeckers Domino Offset Base System

The Parallel Guide System is great for the track saw, with the Narrow Stock Guide attachment that allows stock narrower than the guide rail to be cut. Also, the System with multiple flip stops is ideal for positioning the track for repetitive dado cuts with a router.

Woodpeckers Parallel Guide System


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I would like to hear some comments if the parallel guide system worth buying, compared to Festool or Senaca identical system?
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I would like to hear some comments if the parallel guide system worth buying, compared to Festool or Senaca identical system?
I have the Woodpecker and RipDogs parallel guides. I have no problem with the RipDogs, they are simple, I just had a hard time getting both sides equal.
The Woodpecker parallel guides I really like. Very easy to read, setup. I like how you can take the sections apart, so if your doing pieces that are around 10"-20" (i forget the exact numbers) you don't have a 36" rail sticking out in your way. The setup to cut narrow stock is by far the best feature on these. I think I've used this the most so far since I've had them.
I've never used the Festool or Seneca ones so I can't speak for those.

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Re: Woodpecker Domino Offset Base: Issue for Domino DF 700
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2018, 11:38 PM »
I just tried to use the Woodpecker Domino Offset Base with my Domino DF 700. I found that I cannot attach the base with the 5 mm spacers and longer 5 mm screw because one of the holes in the DF 700 is not bored and threaded all the way through the plate.

While I could use a shorter 5 mm screw, it seems like it might be less of a bother long term if I just made the non-through hole into a through hole. The hole can be reached from either side of the plate and completing the hole should not be difficult. There does not appear to be anything that would be affected by this change.

I have owned the DF 700 for much more than 3 years so warranty is not an issue. Is there any reason why I should not go ahead and bore the hole the rest of the way through the DF 700 plate?

Thanks in advance for any replies.