Author Topic: 3D printed self clamping bench dogs - available now.  (Read 3086 times)

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3D printed self clamping bench dogs - available now.
« on: May 10, 2018, 07:23 PM »
@Mgildersleeve and I have been working on a 3D printed version of his brilliant clamping bench dogs ever since I first saw them in the DIY Bench Dogs thread.

We are pleased to announce that after several iterations, they are now available for purchase at my store on Shapeways.

Below are pictures of the dogs as well as pictures of them in use, and a short video as well. The idea is that these can be used to secure jigs (3/4" (19 mm) in depth max) to a Festool MFT like bench top by inserting them into 20mm holes aligned with the table holes. Just give the jig knob (not included!) a twist and the bottom portion will expand and grip the hole tightly. I have found they also work fine on just 1/2" thick tops like I have in my box beams.

You will need to purchase from the shapeways store:
1) expanding bench dog
2) conical washer

Link to Shapeways Store

You will also need to get separately :
1) 1/4"-20 HEX head bolt (minimum 1.5" length)
2) 1/4"-20 jig knob (available from Rockler, Woodcraft, McMaster-Carr, etc).
3) Washer (optional depending on your jib knob base diameter)

Shown below in "Black, Strong and Flexible" (Laser Sintered Nylon) and Stainless Steel (for the conical washer)

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Re: 3D printed self clamping bench dogs - available now.
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2018, 05:18 PM »
Hi, I had 4 of these printed and received them a few days ago.  I found a bolt and got a chance to try one in a dog hole.  They are really tight and look like the slots are solid.  Do you think I could take a hacksaw and cut the slots open?  I recommend a 2" min length bolt also if you are using the Lee Valley 1-3/4" Star Snap-Lock Knob (1/4-20 Thread).

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