Author Topic: [NEW] Festool TID 18 Impact Driver + Combo Kits Coming July 1st - ORDER NOW (US)  (Read 7899 times)

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No perceptible run out on my TID 18. So it’s not the standard for the tool, sorry to hear some of you are having this issue.

On a side note, I found today that the TID 18 will not trigger my CTL Mini over Bluetooth. I occasionally use a drill as the remote trigger as I walk around doing clean up and today I discovered that the TID18 will not pair or trigger an already paired battery. The battery was my first Bluetooth, received in promotion with the TID 18 this year. I put the battery in my c18 and all went as normal. . . Slightly weird, not that an impact really needs this functionality. .

That’s the rub.  Literally half the feedback I’ve heard is that it has the worst runout the user has ever experienced.  Likewise, literally half the feedback I’ve heard is that it is the most precise impact driver the user has ever experienced.  Most people don’t have a spare coin to flip right now, let alone the patience to flip said coin. No other power tool manufacturer hands me inconsistencies like this.   Although, I guess you can say Festool has been very consistent about their quality management....