Author Topic: Sys Roll Mobility Adaption of MW 1000 Extension Table  (Read 1836 times)

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Howdy, thanks for looking.
Well, I posted something earlier adapting the extension table to a Jawhorse and, well then I needed a way of transporting the darn thing and storing it.   Since I had the Sys Roll already, I thought that I should try to incorporate storage and transportation into that rather than purchasing the entire mobile work station.

The outrigger wheel frames are 8020 Tee connectors, the wheels are cheap lawnmower replacement wheels.  The wheels can slip off easily by loosening bolts on each side, but do not need to be removed to use the extension.  Also, the wheels allow the Sys Roll to set upright if there is no load on it as the extension table will pull an empty SR over backwards without the outrigger wheels.

The straps are Tee Pin and Keyhole pattern that have plates that I fabricated to slip into the extrusions slots.

Everything is joined by making threaded tee slot adapters in the Sys Roll and extension table extrusions. 

Wheels climbs stairs great and seems to be well balanced plus keeps Sys Roll from falling over when no weight is on it.  Not a replacement for MW 1000 workstation but serves my need to make this item mobile and storable.
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Re: Sys Roll Mobility Adaption of MW 1000 Extension Table
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I like this,  it looks like it would fit in my sys roll that I've added Unwin track onto the sides of.

Sorry about the sideways photo, the forum software seems to not like my photos.
I didn't put the track on there to hold drills, its just that it happens to be handy to do that while I'm sorting the rest out.