Author Topic: Super simple DIY LR-32 using OF 1400 guide stops  (Read 645 times)

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Super simple DIY LR-32 using OF 1400 guide stops
« on: December 02, 2020, 12:37 PM »

I have been playing around with different jigs for the 32mm system. The price of the LR-32 system is a little steep for me but I came up with a simple solution that works pretty okay for occasional use. Aside from the router bit, the costs of this setup is below $10 if you have the OF 1400 with guide stops and a holy rail. It’s also easy to improve by buying individual components of the LR-32 system.

This approach uses the OF 1400 with the guide stops and a simple 16 mm strip of 1/4’’ MDF. The MDF has a 6mm hole with a pin, which corresponds to the size of the holes on the holy rail. My pins are 6mm x 10mm magnets from amazon (link). The strip can be secured with the screws in the guide stop and goes from hole to hole. The second guide stop is used to ride on the extrusion of the guide rail. It is important to center the router bit and the pin (see picture). I used a 0.5mm shim for that to account for the 1mm difference in thickness between the pin and the router bit. For the longitudinal stops (parallel guides), I use simple stop blocks for a 37mm offset. For other offsets, I measured that the distance between the back of the rail and the center of the hole is 211mm so I can easily use my combination square for the correct offset. In the picture below, I have two row of holes. One at 37mm and one at 261mm (37+7*32) from the front edge to install 14'' drawer slides.

Router mounting plate: The guide stops with the pin replace the mounting plate. The Festool LR 32 mounting plate costs $140 and would improve the convenience a lot because you don't have to lift the router for each hole.

Router bit : I purchased the Festool brad point bit that comes with the LR-32 system, which gives you very clean holes (491065 for $36). Unfortunately, I am not aware of similar bits from other manufactures. Otherwise, any upcut bit would do but you might get some tear-out on plywood. (picture actually doesn't show the bit I used)

Parallel guide: I use spacer blocks. The Festool version costs $78 (485758) but I am not sure whether that is for one or two. I am going to skip on that.

Longitudinal stop: Easy to do yourself with the pins but I wasn't satisfied with the precision so I just purchased the "Festool 496938 Longitudinal stop LA -LR 32 FS" for $32.

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Re: Super simple DIY LR-32 using OF 1400 guide stops
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2020, 02:48 PM »
Thanks for the breakdown of what's actually required/not required for light LR32 use.  I've been mulling the same for some time.