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Concept: Recently got a MFT (been very happy with it) and while building and installing a set of kitchen cabinets i was pondering how to mount my router to it. While thinking about that i was reminded how much I dislike jobsite table saws, both lugging them around and using them on their shaky bases. Why not try and make a combo router and table saw that is also a mft, and stick an inverted jigsaw in there!

Since I like doing cnc projects i figured i would start playing around with it. Our next job is exterior and will involved lots of small and fussy cuts. seems like a great time to try it out. My goal in this project is to make something lightweight and simple that will be easy to always have on site with you. 


Hole milling on the cnc top side. I used a 1/2" down cut to try and keep the blow out on this inexpensive plywood to the underside of the sheet. 


Flipping the piece into a workholding pocked to get exact registration to mill the bottom side. in the background you can see a large slab being bored to use as a saw horse table


everything test fit! the pockets are 3/8" deep


router clamped in


test cut on plywood using the mft fence

Overall it feels like a rough draft for a project. Next iteration I would like to move away from using the toggle hold downs screwed into the plywood. they feel like a somewhat cheesy solution. The MFT fence is also a major limiting factor, it only has ~9" of travel. Any thoughts of alternatives? Other things like a router lift would be great, however i want to keep this as low profile and simple as possible. I'm wondering if copying the sms removable top system should be a next step. Any feedback would be very welcome!

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Good job, and good luck with the next one.
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If you want a truly portable MFT style work station with incredible router table capability, including a router lift and Incra LS-17 Positioner with the Incra Super Fence, check out

While it does not provide for a table saw insert, something that I do not advocate for both safety and dust collection reasons, you could certainly create one that will fit it if you are so inclined, and if you make an insert to replace the router plate it will also solve your fence issue, as you will have the LS-17 fence.

Also, the Incra Super Fence provides very good dust collection, particularly when used with the FESTOPPER unit that I designed.  See,

Note that plans for the FESTOPPER are available for immediate download at

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