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Title: MFT tolerances, and a few more ramblings
Post by: tom.smith on May 10, 2009, 11:52 AM
I get zero tolerance in all MFT holes, zero lift up on clamps, protect the surface from glue squeezeout, and make clean up a bit easier by covering the MFT worksurface with a sheet of red rosin paper. When you poke holes through it for your dogs, enough paper enters the hole to remove any slop. In fact, so much slop is removed that Qwas dogs almost have to be lightly tapped out with a mallet.

I'm including a close-up shot of the holes so you can appreciate the one problem with this approach. If you just poke holes in the paper as shown here, you can have all the slop removed from one side only. This will throw your alignment off by a few thousandths. If you instead make an X with a pocket knife before inserting the dog, the slop is removed much more uniformly.

I also read a lot about shelf pin holes and that kind of thing on this board. The LR-32 is fine, as are many other alternative methods of hole alignment, but every one of them requires set up. I'll include some pictures of how I do things. I use full-size templates for everything. Just cut your plywood the same size as the template and go to town on it. Nothing to move or align or anything. I always build a full-size template before I cut that first piece of wood.