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Title: KorDes' thread of jigs and enhancements.
Post by: KorDes on July 23, 2008, 05:07 AM
This thread is going to be my little corner of jigs and enhancements I come up with. Somethings that I have come up with to make my life easier by working smarter not harder.

First up is a homemade domino holder for arising the edges. Sometimes I have to make my own dominos, mainly sizes that arent available from festool. After they are cut I like to arise the edges to make them easier to slide into the mortise. So instead of sanding each domino separately, I made this holder which holds alot of dominos so I can arise all the edges at once. The dominos in the pics are #3 - 8 x 68mm.

The holder is just a long piece of wood with the same size piece screwed on one side to act as a stop and an 8mm domino screwed on the other side.

#3 dominos refer to the widest setting on the domino tool and #2 dominos refer to the middle setting. This is how I label my containers.


holders in action