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Kapex 60 extension for MFT style table, some trouble
« on: August 27, 2017, 06:12 AM »
In my tiny shed, in which I do my sawing, there is an MFT3 top on a wall mounted support. This top got a bit warped over time (it a bit hollow so to say) On this, the Kapex sits. Because the need arises to cut some more lengthy material, I was in this shed, all day, trying to figure something out.

Now, the Kapex 60 does not have any ridge or other like it's bigger siblings, for an extension wing to connect to (it has a plastic cradle als an option but I'd rather not go this way). The extendable supports aren't square on all ends, so I came up with this  [huh]:

So far so good, made sure the extension height exactly matched the height of the table of the Kapex. But here comes the trouble.. The MFT slab is not completely flat, so the alignment of the extension was turning out the be impossible. I realize the only proper way of doing this, is connecting it to the saw, but I couldn't figure out how exactly.

Then I decided to make it too complicated, by introducing four rather crude adjustment screws:

The idea was to adjust this screws to that the tabletops would match exactly and then fixate witch a clamp, it kind of works but it's terribly fussy. Also there is no proper way of fixating this without messing up the alignment a bit. I guess I need help.

I am very open to all suggestions or ideas to improve my prototype, or tossing it into the bin..

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Re: Kapex 60 extension for MFT style table, some trouble
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2017, 08:16 AM »
The original Kapex table was (and the new one should also be) the exact height of a systainer 1: In case your ' cut some more lengthy material' isn't that often (plus you have some sys1 around) you could simply use any flat (long enough) surface so place your Kapex there and simply support your material with the systainers where needed.

To solve the sagging issue with your MFT top: just flip it upside down from time to time.
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