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Title: Interface adapter for WCR 1000
Post by: FestitaMakool on August 15, 2020, 08:25 PM
I’ve  struggled with adopting the Work Center for a while.
I bought what I thought would be a straight adapter plate (part no. 498805) for some of the specialty FT dust collectors. But, no.. Festool uses different dimensions of the tabs and clasps so fitting it on a new CT Midi was not compatible, nor was this plate fitting the new T-loc hose garages at all (indeed, the WCR 1000 will fit CT26/36 and even more. But making it fit the new CT Midi/Mini meant routing the plastic plate down on around edges to make it a few mm’s lower.

To make my WCR 1000 fit both DC’s and with their handles (which I prefer to have, and not remove, witch is tedious, each time I wanted the WCR on top) was another challenge. I also wanted to make use of my boom arm from time to time without mounting and dismantling the handle for each time I wanted to use the WCR on the DC. This meant making adapter plates which shifts the WCR to sit reversed, moved forward and lastly sideways (When mounted on the newer CT 26 and so forth with T-loc it will sit off center)
There has been a silent change to the WCR 1000’s base some time after 2010 (mine’s MY) as the bolts included with the adaptor didn’t fit (cylindrical head instead of countersunk head - the milled aluminium spacers dit not fit especially well either)

Everything ended up as a 3 layer sandwich, with cut outs in the middle to constrain weight. The top layer sits recessed inside the WCR 1000 base to act as strengthened base instead of relying on 4 thin plastic tubes where the 4 bolts attaches the WCR to a random surface - they’ll struggle to take sideway forces - that might happen, sooner or later  [big grin]

Off center placement to the adapter plate:
It now also fits the cart:
Clearance to the handle on CT26
Clearance to the handle on CT Midi (New), just:

Title: Re: Interface adapter for WCR 1000
Post by: Jason Hagen on December 28, 2021, 09:32 PM
Do you happen to have any pictures of the adapter plate attached to just the WCR 1000 and sitting on the CT26 with handle? I’m trying to see if that will push it forwards just a little bit and give me room between the handle and WCR 1000 base.
Title: Re: Interface adapter for WCR 1000
Post by: FestitaMakool on January 11, 2022, 05:04 PM
@Jason Hagen - Photos for reference:

Instruction sheet and hardware for the adapter plate. (Note, the plate mimics a classic SYS base)
Since some of the old CT’s had impossible to reach locking tabs when the WCR was attempted mounted, this plate makes an interface and lifts the WCR in order to reach the tabs for locking and unlocking it seems.

The aluminium barrels in the photo does not fit my (Old?) WCR base, that’s why I made the plywood template to fill the hollow base of the WCR.


Title: Re: Interface adapter for WCR 1000
Post by: DynaGlide on January 12, 2022, 08:53 AM
I did this while I had my WCR 1000:

https://www.festoolownersgroup.com/festool-how-to/work-center-wcr-1000-mounted-to-a-flex-vac/ (https://www.festoolownersgroup.com/festool-how-to/work-center-wcr-1000-mounted-to-a-flex-vac/)
Title: Re: Interface adapter for WCR 1000
Post by: FestitaMakool on January 13, 2022, 09:59 AM
Thanks DynaGlide, your base has the recessed mounting holes mine don’t.

Borrowed DynaGlide’s photo from his post. On mine pictured above there’s only countersunk dimples in the base.
Judging that these bases may look slightly different from the underside as well: