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Fractional and metric profiles
« on: May 11, 2020, 05:08 PM »
Hi everyone, 

I'm a new user of this board, but there's many times I read many very interesting threads.

My last project is to build some MFT extensions.

I was looking for a system to connect the extensions to the MFT table.
First thinking something like the Kapex Table Mount for Best Fence :
I was planning to do it in MDF.

But I saw two very interesting pictures :
  • From Richard/RMW :
    Was just fiddling around in the shop tonight and I stumbled across this.

    This is just the 1515 ULS profile. It sits nearly perfectly level and just a tad under 1/2" below the MFT surface.
  • From Vanko :

    Its the 8020 1515 series (1.5" X 1.5") profile, its lip attaches over the MFT/3 rail and I use a 5/16" aluminum rod to lock it in place.
    The rod was bent to eliminate the small amount of play between the router table and the MFT/3. This locks the router table to the MFT/3 rail preventing it from accidental release. The rod slides into place from the side.

They both used 80/20 1515 profiles.
This kind of fractional profiles are not easy to find in Europe (more precisely in France).

The most resembling metric profile is 4040 base 8.

Is there someone here to tell me if the 4040 profile can do exactly the same as the 80/20 profile ?
I wonder if the upper side will be perfectly parallel to the table = It sits nearly perfectly level ?
If someone has already try this assembly, what is the distance between the table and the upper face of the profile ?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards from France,

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Re: Fractional and metric profiles
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2020, 05:21 PM »
4040 is slightly larger than 1515. It will fit the MFT rail similarly except it will not hang as plumb as in the first photo and you’ll have to try different sizes of rod to het it to lock on like the second photo.

If you have a cad program you can work out how exactly it will fit by drawing profiles using the dimensions 80/20 supplies on the website. You’ll have to get dimensions of the MFT profile on your own unless someone here can provide them.

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