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I recently purchased a Colliflower Zero-Clearance Fence for my Festool Kapex120 EB.

To be clear this post is about the REAR  ZC for the vertical fences not the throat  ZC on the horizontal table of the miter turret.

The probelem is that I cannot get either of the the fence stops to slide in at all -  the fit is just too tight.

Wondering if anybody else has encountered a similar issue?

Since both the old ("EB") and new ("REB") versions of the Kapex use the same fences (PNs 204073,  202074 and 10030558) so differences between new and old models of the saw wouldn't don't seem to the issue.

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Hi, I have an early pre-production version of the zero-clearance fence (the silver-coloured version, not the new black one)
Check my reply in this thread: Link

I haven't received an updated model yet, but the fit should be easier on the latest version. The bolts that prevent the fences to be removed work in an opposite manner from the factory fence, the bolts need to be undone to slide the fence underneath them, instead of turn down to slide the fence over them.
I also undid the bolt on the bottom of the leverclamp on the fence a bit and lubed the groove with dry silicone spray; after that it moved on and off easily.

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I have the newer version of the fence (purchased Feb 2022), and did not have a fit problem that I can recall.

I’ve attached a few photos of it shortly after installation, in case it is helpful.

Have you reached out to Jack about your issue? I believe he is a member here, and would expect him to be responsive.
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I have received some communication from Jack Colliflower  - both he and the dealer  (KJP Hardwoods Ottawa) are is offerign to provide a replacement ZCI unit.
I am going to try the KJP unit first since that is the most local source.
Filing the slots out is not a great plan here as it is uncertain whether the binding is in a single or multiple axis.

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KJP  (the dealer) sent me a second Colliflower fence which - prior to shipping - they tested to ensure the stops from their Kapex saw fit.
However, when I received it I found that while both of the stops from my saw would fit in one side (left) of that second fence unit (one reversed of course) neither would fit in the other side (right).

I felt that this second unit was likely closer to the mark than the fist, so I set about filing on all the way surfaces (slots, faces etc) of  that fence.  I also cleaned up the sliding surfaces of my stops with fine emery paper.

After about 3 hours of carefull filing of the Colliflower fence, I acheived a good free sliding fit with essentially no slop (ie the stops both slid properly and stayed vertical).

My conclusions are:

1) There is enough variance in different units of both the Colliflower fence  AND the Festool stops to cause incompatibility. 

2) I suggest that you take YOUR stops with you to a dealer and test fit to select a Colliflower fence unit that matches your particular stops. Alternatively order a couple of the Colliflower fence units and kep the one that fits best.

3) Be careful with the filing - if you overdue it, the stops will lose their alignment.

4) The root problem here seems to be the stack-up of machining (or extruding) errors on the Colliflower fence unit and the thickness (or "splatter") of the brown  powder coating (or anodizing) that is applied;  essentially you're going to need to remove any of that brown coating material from all of the sliding way surfaces of the Colliflower fence.

5) The Colliflower fence might be well be less troublesome if the aluminum were left bare without any coating at all.

6) You're going to need multiple "cube" blocks for different bevels and miter cuts; While these can easliy be made from pieces of 4 x 4 you need understand this requirement.

Despite all of the above, once you get it fitted tot he Kapex, the Colliflower vertical cube fence yields a singificant reduction of tear out on the back edge of the workpiece.

NOTE that I also purcahsed the Colliflower horizontal zero clearance insert unit (i.e. the one for the table) it fit properly and worked perfectly the fist time with no problems at all.

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Great conclusion, @WestMan_Canada. Still happy with the attachment?
It probably makes me buying on, but not without asking the seller first if I can return it when it does not fit.
Hopefully @Colliflower listens to this feedback.

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Yes overall the Colliflower fence does what it is supposed to do.  HOWEVER  getting there requires you to follow the steps I set out above which might take several hours of filing and fiddling around with test fitting.
It is also possible that the fit might be better on Kapex's that were made more recently than mine.