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Title: Festool Stop Flag enhancement
Post by: AstroKeith on May 31, 2020, 01:51 PM
I have a variety of tracks in my workshop and have been frustrated how there are seemingly slight differences between them that mean simple things like t-bolts and stops don't often inter-change. In the UK we also don't get the variety of options that the US seems to.

I just took delivery of a Festool stop flag. It would fit all my tracks but the tightening screw was so long that it bottomed out on the bottom of the t-track on some, meaning that it didnt tighten properly. This was even true for the Festool saw track! Seems the stop flag is only meant for the MFT?

Anyway - one single m6 washer added between the knob and the stop body solved it for all my tracks. Success!!!