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« on: April 25, 2007, 11:25 AM »
Because i dislike the positioning of the sprung loaded pins as they are to far from the mortice plunge for what i like to make, i got sick of continualy setting up my marking gauges to mark the plunging possition. So it occured to me why not make some Domigauges  ;D

As i pointed out in a previous post i make my own tenons, so i kept some stock  then for the faces on a separate 30mm x 60mm thick piece, plunged some 28mm deep mortices and then thicknessed of the remaining 2mm for a nice clean mortice.

The pic below shows some examples of what i use them for.

Top left is a standard marking gauge.
Top is one of 2 adjustable stops on a leg tapering jig.
Bottom right is a 2 sided gauge i use to mark offset mortices on a curved back chair rails.

Bottom mid is to mark the top of the back chair leg (the same as i posted on Dominoing a back chair leg in another thread) 

And Bottom left is the one i use most often, one side marks 20mm and the other marks 25mm. Its a very handy little gauge perfect for smaller items like chair leg/rails etc.

I dont bother putting pins, scribes or pencils in as i prefer to use the flat square end to run a light pencil mark off.

Simple and probably a bit boring for some  ;D But its just another great simple thing the Domi can do   ;)

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Re: Domigauges
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Creativity is NEVER boring.  Nice work!



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Re: Domigauges
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I think festool needs to employ the likes of yourself, not that they have any dearth of talent, but your thinking so far outside the box that the box disappeared.
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