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I've been thinking about this idea for a while. The attached photos show a proof of concept. First cuts worked pretty well. This is FAST, that's for sure. Just bang the workpiece into the jig, lay down the track and go. With a stop block on top of the jigs, I could have better repeatability, but that's to come. Also, the set up needs to be precise for squareness, also to come (this was for a nominal project - a chicken coop, and I thought it was a good time to try the technique).

Main question - I'm concerned that I'm trapping the offcut and that this is dangerous. What are everyone's thoughts?

Feedback, ideas, extensions, appreciated!


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I don't see a problem here.

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I don’t see an issue either.

I’d use a piece of scrape to support the back of the rail between the jigs so the rail doesn’t twist under the weight of the saw.


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Your cradle jig should work well in terms of precision subject to these conditions:

1) The workpieces in each batch run are identical in length and are held tight between the jig's endpieces (if the workpiece moves because of vibration or as you lay down the track, or when you make the plunge cut, the result won't be what you want)
2) The track when laid down is indeed parallel to the jig/workpieces. 

#1 would also mean that if both the workpiece and the waste piece do not move during the cut, there's no risk of trapping.

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I made a jig that does essentially the same thing.  The height of mine is adjustable, to allow for different thickness stock or indeed tapered stock, like table legs.  The piece you want is trapped under the rail, between the rail and a sacrificial board. 


It works well for cutting thin strips, like hardwood edging for ply.

I've never had a problem with the blade getting pinched.

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Thanks all for the replies - I like Andrew's idea and like the way you solved the height adjustment challenge. My plan was either creating a few different heights (probably 3/4" 1/2" 5/8") or shims under the workpiece.

Tom, you found the current issue - rail sag. My thinking is to just make the jigs longer, so that more of jig exists under the rail. One thing I like about this is that it's a quick and dirty jig. I also am thinking about a V2 that will be precise, adjustable, and repeatable. Working with this on a few projects, plus the input from this community is going to inform that.

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 - look for a YouTube shortly  from TSO showing two simple methods for accurately cutting narrow stock with a track saw using the TSO Parallel Guide.
We'll post on the FOG when this TSO YouTube is available


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- look for a YouTube shortly  from TSO showing two simple methods for accurately cutting narrow stock with a track saw using the TSO Parallel Guide.
We'll post on the FOG when this TSO YouTube is available

Looking forward to seeing this....

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