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LR32 question
« on: October 08, 2019, 08:14 PM »
I attended the basic cabinet course in September with Gregory Paolini and though we covered some of the LR32 system I still have a setup question. Using the FS/2 LR32 rail assumes the height of the side cabinet is a multiple of 32mm. My question relates to lineup of the holes from front to back. If the height of the cabinet side is an odd multiple of 32mm which value for the longitudinal stops are appropriate? Likewise, which value is appropriate if the height of the cabinet side is an even multiple of 32mm? The values are 9.5mm, 16mm and 32mm on the longitudinal stops. Thanks in advance for any direction here. I'd really like to master this subject before demonstrating it for customers.
P.S. Hi to Vijay who was in the class with me.
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Re: LR32 question
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2019, 12:14 AM »
The height of the cabinet sides do not have to be a multiple of 32mm. The key is to consistently register the stops against the bottom (or top) of the side panels. The front and rear sets of holes will always start from the same offset. You put the second stop in the other end of the rail with the same offset. You spin the rail around so can still register from the bottom (or top) as you do the back set of holes.

Once you do it a couple of times, you realise that it is actually simpler that it seems at first.

Just watch out if you have inside panels which sit on the base when the side panels go past the base. This is where you might decide to take everything from the top.

Typically you do not do holes at every stop so use pencil marks on the rail to mark where you want to start and stop. Don't forget that these change as you rotate the rail.

Practice a little. Enjoy.
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Re: LR32 question
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2019, 08:08 AM »
Regarding the front-to-back spacing of holes, it's critical if you're installing drawer glides to check the manufacturer's specs for the appropriate increments. Almost always the first hole in will be 37mm from the front.  From there, the increments will most likely be 96mm or 128mm.  Again, check the glides' specs for details.  If you're just doing adjustable shelves, the thing is to just use common sense.  Set the holes/pins so that the shelves aren't tippy (front or back).  I prefer to place the holes ~16mm in from the front and back shelf edges to prevent heavy items from making the shelves subject to tipping.   [smile]
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Re: LR32 question
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2019, 03:51 PM »
Hi Joe. Nice to meet you again. I think @Sparktrician  has the right answer. The multiple of 32 mm makes it such that it is symmetrical in the height dimension. So you can flip it. If you dont have the height at 32 mm increments then you have to pay attention to which edge you are referencing from.
Horizontally the first hole has to be at 37 mm on both left and right sides for hardware to work properly.
Vijay Kumar