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Resources for extrusion connectors and techniques?
« on: July 27, 2022, 10:03 AM »
tl;dr: I happen to have two CMS sliding tables accessories and I want to use MFS extrusions (of which I also have a bunch) to make a router sled, but can't figure out how to attach MFS extrusions together so the planes are 90 degrees to each other.  This is in lieu of buying a slab flattening mill, and in my mind is a good secondary use of all of these parts that I have already on hand.

Long version:

I have an MFS 400 plus an extra set of 200, 400, and 1000mm extrusions for the MFS set.  Some of the spare extrusions are missing a nut, one has a bent screw, and I think one profile is slightly bowed on one piece (likely from the same incident that bent the screw).  The small link piece is missing one of the set screws.

I've come across a number of threads about sources for the end connectors and nuts to link the extrusions co-planar at 90 degrees to each other, this one has especially been helpful:

I also know that I can use either the smaller connectors to link extrusions end-to-end, or I can use the standard guide rail connectors.

What about connecting extrusions along their length?  I think I've seen a few people actually drill out part of the rail to accommodate a screw to go into a T-nut in another rail.

Ideally, I'm trying to find a way to stand an extrusion on end and use the three different slots for three different heights to connect the other extrusions parallel to the work surface.  I would then attach the extrusion to my miter fence, attach that to the end of the sliding table, and use a pair of sliding tables over my MFT as a router gantry.

I also feel like if I wanted to connect one piece to the other so that the flats are at 90 degrees to each other, I would need to get extra connectors to screw into the ends of the extrusions so that I would have two t-nuts into the mating piece instead of just one.

Is all of this an exercise in futility?  Is stock 8020 rail or Unistrut a better option rather than trying to do this with the MFS extrusions, at least on the ends?  Are there resources specifically designed for ideating these things out?

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