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Finishing the Finish with the Rotex RO 150
« on: June 08, 2022, 12:02 PM »
I recently buffed out a dining table mostly using the method Sedge described in Festool Live Episode 59.  I’m pleased with the results.  I sprayed the table with Target Coatings EM7000hbl (satin) last fall but wanted to add a finish with a bit more protection as I noticed the holidays left their mark.  So, I recently added additional coats of Target Coatings EM8000 Conversion Varnish (semi-gloss).

If anyone is interested.  My finish “schedule” for this table was one coat boiled linseed oil, two coats of off the shelf Zinsser shellac (clear, not dewaxed/sanding sealer) sprayed straight from the can (Fuji air cap #3 (1.3mm)), lightly scuff shellac with Mirka scuff pad 360 grit (red), spray Target topcoats (Fuji air cap #4 (1.5mm)), sanding between coats with 600 Abranet until level.

I deviated from Sedge’s described method for “finishing the finish” because of the materials I had on hand.  I sanded the last coat using 600 grit Abranet, followed by 1000 grit Abralon, then 2000 grit Abralon.  All sanding was done with the RO 150 Rotex with the soft pad.  The 2000 grit resulted in an extremely smooth finish that was dull as seen in the photo.
I’ve previously applied furniture wax at this point in the past which results in a beautiful shine.  But I wanted to try this new process.  So, I ordered the products in the video (polish backing pad, orange polishing sponge and orange compound) and had at it.  The process went smoothly.  A small amount of  compound goes a long way and cleans up easily with water.  I finished it off with Goddard’s furniture polish for an extra silky-smooth feel.
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Re: Finishing the Finish with the Rotex RO 150
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2022, 01:02 PM »
Table looks good!

You polished it in the middle of your dinning room?  [eek]  I still have a stripe on my driveway from polishing a small stubborn section of a friends car. Might want to try using more polish next time, doing so outside or in a place it doesn't matter if things get sprayed, as spray is normal.

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Re: Finishing the Finish with the Rotex RO 150
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Yes.  Directly in my dining room.  Home alone that day.  Some compound made it onto the rug but easily cleaned up. . . shhh.
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