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I wanted the fractional depth indicator wheel on my planer. It wasn't clear in the ekat breakdown, but it wasn't real hard either. 

You will need (in addition to the indicator wheel of choice):  T15, 5mm allen, pick with L head, some loctite (blue was on it), lithium grease (optional), clamp (also optional), straight edge.

Looking at the bottom of the adjustable in feed, you will see a hole with a 5mm bolt, and a star washer looking lock.  Use the pick to slowly work it out (well, don't force it, it came out easily by walking around the leafs and walking them up the wall).

Tighten the platen/table to max cut depth.  I used a spring clamp to hold the table.

Remove the 5mm bolt (same wrench as most other Festool components use, sanders, etc).

Remove the clamp and the table. 

Put your hand over the table axle/cylinder/post was in.  Turn the planer over. The spring should come out.

Remove the 6 screws that hold the handle and plate on (1 on the right side of the plane; right side when in the user position).  T15.

From there it's pretty obvious on how to replace the disk.

Assembly, reverse up to the point of the star lock, but use some grease on the table axle/cylinder/post.  Use some thread locking agent on the screw.

Set the screw height:

Set the handle to 0.

Use the straight edge across the tables and blade (I used an aluminum ruler to avoid damaging the blade). Adjust the screw/table height until all 3 surfaces are flat/even/level/coplaner.

Insert the star lock. I used the tip of the 5mm wrench. 

Do a check for depth of cut as you like.

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Re: HL850 depth wheel replacement (to fractional, metric same way)
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Thanks for providing the breakdown and process, I'm sure there are some users out there that would like to use imperial.