Author Topic: 4 countersunk holes on dust-ported plunge base (for Vecturo/Fein MM): What for?  (Read 456 times)

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Does anybody know what the four (4) countersunk holes are for on the new dust-ported version of the Vecturo plunge base? [I've circled them in red below]

I'm going to use them to mount my Fein MM 350QSL (with the plunge base installed) to either a Makita guide rail adapter (Makita 198673-2) or possibly my LR32 guide rail sled (making this oscillating tool compatible with guide rails) but am wondering if anyone has any pointers on the actual purpose of the holes. Maybe they are simply for attaching the plunge base to shop made jigs (kind of like I'm suggesting) but is there some other accessory for another Festool that uses this same bolt-hole pattern? Just curious what others have come across.

[And, yes, I know it's not October 1st yet meaning that the cordless Vecturo is still NAINA. But I (and a few others) imported plunge bases and the other cordless Vecturo accessories many months ago for use with our Fein Multimaster 350QSL's and I've been using it regularly - a very handy accessory. Plus, the plunge base has been available in Europe for a while so perhaps some of our European forum members know something.]
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